DIY Green Garden/Roof

The World's 1st recycled bottle based green garden / roof

Do you want to lower classroom temperature and create a space for your students for environmental education?
Do you want to create a space for growing various flowers and/or organic vegetables?
do you want to install an easy-to-maintain DIY green roof?
do you want to design your own installation arts?
Let's help you, any flat surface can be used to build your own green garden.
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DIY Green Garden/Roof

DIY/Recycled bottle based/No waterproofing required/Various Environmental and other Benefits

What is DIY Green Garden/Roof?

The world’s 1st recycled bottle based DIYGreen garden/roof. With the provided kits, you (including primary school students) can easily build your own green garden by yourself. No waterproofing required, easy to maintain, flexible to expand, and adaptable to any flat surface, not limited to roof surface.

Improve Environmental Quality

It cools down indoor temperature, saves energy consumption, diminishes Urban Heat Island Effect and reduces city temperature. It retains rainfall, relieves drainage system loading and reduces the chance of flood, and doesn’t cause water pollution. Furthermore, this DIYGreen garden/roof can take up gaseous pollutants and reduce environmental noise. It also creates a green area and habitat and improves eco system.

Improve Living Quality

Compared to traditional green roof, this DIYGreen garden/roof will not block indoor heat dissipation and increases efficacy of heat dissipation during night time. It provides a protection layer for roof and lengthens roof lifespan. The roof or concrete floor becomes a friendly space to access for leisure due to the plants and aesthetic sensibility it brings. It provides a base or leisure farm for families or communities which pursue zero-food-mileage and enjoy planting together.


This DIYGreen garden/roof is suitable for growing aromatic herbs, vegetables, passionfruit, roses, butterfly-attraction plants, wild-herbs, and other plants.

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