Base: Installation


Base: Installation Procedure

(1) Base plate assembly (connecting lid and recycled PET/HDPE/Glass bottles)

  1.  Fasten the lid to base plate.
    When you feel it is tight, use a little more force to fasten it (but not too much otherwise it will be hard to disassemble). 
    NOTE: Donot fasten the bottle to the lid first. Fasten the lid with bottle together to the base plate may damage the ring on the bottle.

    fasten the lid to base plate
  2. Check PET (some HDPE or glass bottles are also applicable) bottles and remove bottle cap
    Be aware each recycled PET bottle has to be in good shape, not being squeezed or squashed, and still has the ring on the bottleneck.
    And, use bottles with similar height unless the floor is uneven.
    Currently, lids are provided for PCO and 3025 bottlenecks in Taiwan, as shown below, and please make sure you use the right lid for your local PET bottles.  Both lids also applicable in many other countries.
    Ensure the bottle is not damaged and still has the ring on the bottleneck. Remove the cap.
    remove cap
  3.  Fasten the bottle to connection lid with proper force to avoid crushing the ring on bottleneck.
    put bottle 1put bottle 2
    The ring can enhance bottle weight-bearing ability.
    ring function
  4. Fasten 4 bottles to each base plate
    4 bottles per plate

(2)  Assembly and Expansion

  1. Please notice the round-shape dot on the plate, as shown below, keep all dots facing to the same direction. 
  2.  Start from lower-right corner (easier to assemble if start from here) of the desired area.
  3. If the floor is uneven, please put spacer in between bottle and floor to keep plate stable. Every spacer is 1mm or 3mm in thickness.
  4. Put spacer orderly as shown below until no space for additional one. Do not put too many. There should be at least one bottle doesn’t need spacer.
  5. Expand base plates in the direction from lower-left one to the right or to the front.  After expanding one more plate, please carefully check its stability. Put spacer if necessary.
  6. Expand plates
    The following picture shows a 4×4, one-square-meter, extended area.
    Expand plates as many as you need.
  7. After assembly, you should fill bottles with water until about 90% full. Please do not fill over this level, or it will be difficult to put in water-uptake strips.