Feature: Improve Living Quality


Improving Living Quality

Thermal Dissipation During Night Time

  • Conventional green roof can keep indoor warm during cold or snowing seasons. Unfortunately, this feature is not good for Taiwan and other countries with similar weather in tropical and subtropical areas. Heat dissipation from roof is essential to lower indoor temperature. However, with our DIY kits, the heat indoor could be dissipated through the hollow layer.
  • With the cover of plant canopy, the roof is cooler. Plant layer is not as hot as bare roof which absorbs heat (may reach 60oC). The roof surface under DIYGreen doesn’t expose directly to sunlight and thus it is cooler and heat dissipates more quickly at night. Although heat dissipation of bare roof  is faster at night than DIYGreen, it takes more time to decrease from 50-60oC to 18oC of bare roof than from 30oC to 18oC of DIYGreen roof.

Extending Roof Lifespan

  • According to the studies of Peak et al.(1999), Patterson (1998) and Gmbh (2000), green roof shields a roof  from drastic temperature fluctuation and ultraviolet rays. The plants with soil form a protection layer.  Lifespan extension also reduces maintenance fees.
  • Extending lifespan up to 40 years, as stated in the literature, although no scientific formula is available for computing the lifespan extension.

with-(3 years) vs. without greenroof


Increase Open Space


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More Aesthetic and Building Value-Added

Green garden or green roof brings more aesthetic sights and increases building value-added.

Family/Community Food-Safety Base & Happy Farm

DIY your own green garden or roof in your own house or a community collective green farm. It is a food-safety base with lowest food mileage.

Beneficial for the residents at top floor

Traditional green roof needs to do water-proofing before installation. Therefore, a lot of top floor residents may have concerns and are not willing to have it, especially for places like Taiwan where rooftop leakage problems frequently occur due to earthquake. DIYGreen doesn’t need any water-proof process and can store 70-85% of annual rainfall into bottles. The rain falling directly unto the roof surface becomes much less, and thus reduce the probability for water leaking. The hollow layer in DIYGreen can insulate the heat in daytime and disperse heat during the night, therefore, the indoor temperature drops and thus increase the indoor comfort.