Feature: Kits


Feature: Kits

No need to do waterproofing

  • Waterproofing is generally required for a green roof, but not for DIYGreen kits.
  • Kit’s base is elevated by recycled bottles and doesn’t touch roof surface.
  • Water/rainfall is mainly absorbed by the plants or flows into bottles and thus only very little amount of water retains on the roof surface, except for heavy rainfall.
  • The hollow and ventilation layer, formed by the elevated bottles, allows good air flow that can avoid damp on the roof surface.
  • Roof surface can be easily inspected from the hollow layer in between the kits and roof.
  • DIYGreen kits are elevated by bottles and do not touch rooftop surface.
  • Water is absorbed mainly by soil or flows into bottles. Except heavy rain, only little amount of rain falls onto rooftop.
  • Excess water (much less than without DIYGreen) from heavy rain drains out easily from rooftop.
  • Due to good ventilation, damp is not a concern.
  • Due to the hollow layer below the base plate, it’s easy to inspect roof floor condition.

Massively reuse recycled bottles
A huge amount of PET and other plastic/glass bottles are consumed in the world everyday. The developed kits can directly reuse entire bottles, except the lids.

  • Taking 600ml bottle for calculation, almost 4.5 billion bottles are recycled every year in Taiwan.
  • The whole world is facing the similar issue.
  • Converting used bottles into other products consumes energy and may cause second pollution. Directly reusing these bottles in their original forms is the most environmental friendly way, especially for use in the places that can significantly increase environmental benefits.
  • We expect a great quantity of recycled bottles are to be reused in this environmental friendly DIY green garden/roof.


Easy to DIY assemble by almost everyone
Building or maintaining a traditional green garden needs experts, which cause high labor cost and lacks flexibility to do further modification. It’s an easy task for a primary school kid or a senior to do this kit assembly.


The size of a DIYgreen field can be expanded to the size as one wishes and at anytime.


Easy to maintain

  • Modulized
  • Easy to move
  • Easy to inspect
  • Easy and convenient to maintain

Save water 

The most common mistake made by beginners is oversupply of water. Plants need water but not too much. DIYGreen kits water the plants  continuously, by capillary phenomenon, in a little amount for a longer period. This way saves more water than a typical drip irrigation system does.

Suitable for growing vegetables and fruits

The DIYGreen kit is suitable for growing various vegetables and fruits.

Suitable for any flat surface

DIYGreen kits can be built on any flat surface which is not limited to rooftop. Balcony is also suitable, but be sure the plants get enough sunlight.

Promote circular economy

DIYGreen should be a good case of circular economy, which encourages industries to recycle and reuse materials as in an ecosystem.  It does not just reuse the materials as secondary product but to create higher value. DIYGreen recycles and reuses PET bottles at their original forms, which is the best way of recycling. The recycled bottles are used for valuable purposes such as environment improvement and food safety. They are used to store water for plants to grow. Large bottles used in one square meter DIYGreen kits can store water up to 128-140.8 liters and small bottles about 19.2 liters. Most of the water comes from rain. This creative gardening turns a not-suitable-for-planting rooftop to an ecosystem in which plants can grow well. Furthermore, this garden doesn’t need water-proof construction, has no water pollution, and  needs less watering and therefore is superior to traditional green roof.