Frame: protection cover installation (with plastic button fastener)


The following frame protection cover installation, with plastic button fastener, demonstration takes the area of 1×4 base plates (25x100cm) as an example. For other sizes please follow the similar procedure. Should you have any queries, please contact us.

First, finish base plates and frame side board bottom assembly.



a. 準備一片[總周長+5cm] 的布 One piece of fabric [perimeter+5cm]

注意此為新款保護層布,請勿用力拉,會拉薄它而降低它遮陽效果 Please note this protection cover is a new type of fabric and do not pull forcefully otherwise it will become thinner and reduce sunblock effect.

短邊為一片基盤長度 25cm 共兩邊 長度為 50m Length for short side (one base plate): 25cm x 2, or 50cm

長邊為四片基盤 長度100cm 共兩邊 長度為 200cm Length for long side (4 base plates): 100cm x 2, or 200cm  

故總周長為 50cm+200cm=250cm Total perimeter: 50cm+200cm=250cm

布長度則需要 250+5=255cm Required length of fabric: 250+5=255cm

b. 塑膠扣、美工刀、釘書機及黏扣帶(5cm的勾面及毛面各8個) plastic button fastener, box cutter, stapler, velcro (hook and loop, 5cm long, 8 pieces respectively)

1.首先在距離保護層短邊及長邊1cm處標示一條約2mm的線(黃色圈圈處),之後每隔25cm處依序標記,再用美工刀依標記處劃開2mm的縫隙。Mark one line of 2mm at the place 1cm away from long and short side (please refer the yellow circle below). Mark the same type of line every 25cm apart, then cut with box cutter a 2mm gap on fabric along these 2mm lines .

2.之後將固定扣穿過布的標記處縫隙。Put through fabric the button fastener

3.之後將已穿過固定扣的保護層,扣進底座的右邊孔洞.Buckle the button with fabric to the right side hole which is under the base.

4.保護層繞到角落兩邊時,將[勾面]黏在基盤 Wrap the set bottom with fabric and when reach corner, stick the hook side of velcro to the corner of base plate.


[毛面]黏在保護層後先用釘書機固定(因毛面的褙膠與布的黏著性較差,故以釘書機補強) Stick and staple the velcro loop side to protection cover. Staple is to enhance the stickiness.


繞到角落另一邊時,重複上述步驟並把毛面黏扣帶黏在勾面上。(之後其他的三個角落也依此步驟處理) Attach the loop side to hook side. Keep wrapping and whenever meet the corner just follow the same process.


5.之後每25cm就使用一個固定扣(都是扣在右邊的孔洞) Buckle a button fastener to the right-side hole every 25cm apart.

繞回起始點時,將固定扣扣進左邊的孔洞。Keep wrapping until return back to the start point then buckle the fastener to the left-side hole.


再以釘書針在上方及底部固定 ,中間再以手指捏著釘釘書針固定。Staple both end of fabric together at upper and lower part and for the mid-point use fingers to push stapler through the fabric and stick them together.

全部完整固定後,即完成囉! Then, job is done!