There’re many frame combinations. Should you don’t know how to assemble, please feel free to contact us. We will provide suggestions based on what you need.

The following photos show some of the plants been planted in DIYGreen frame.

The followings are DIYGreen frame samples.

Click [Frame: Installation] for how to install.

Comparison of Frame vs. Pot type.

  • Type Frame50 is cheaper. The bigger area the lower area unit price is. 
  • Type Frame50 has larger area (50 x 50cm, equals to the area of four pots). Type Frame25, same as pot type, can be combined with type Frame50 and become a rectangle style, like 25 x 50cm or 25x100cm. 
  • Can be made into 2 (or even 3) layers. The height of soil can reach 25~27cm. Passion fruit, corn, carrot, etc. can be planted. (On an aged roof (or not sure about roof loading capacity), it’s better to put multiple-layer frame above building beam or make sure the roof can bear the weight.)
  • Because frame type is heavier, it’s not easy to move after assembly. Therefore, its location has to be carefully evaluated before setting up a frame.
  • Due to its weight and more complicated assembly, it’s difficult for young kids to make one by themselves. They may need adult’s assistance.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us.