Frame25: installation


Type Frame25 kits will be available soon. The following demonstration uses 3D printing version. 

Both Frame25 and Frame50 can be mixed and assembled into variable size. The differences between Frame25 and Frame50 are as follows.

  • The former is for frame with 25cm in width and the later for 50cm in width.
  • Frame25 has soil retainer fabric and its fastener (Frame50 will be upgraded to equip with same parts too.)  
  • Frame25 has hooks on the side board for hanging water-uptake strips during installation. (Frame50 will be upgraded to equip with same parts too.) 

The following is the installation demonstration of mixing Frame25 and Frame50 on a 1×4 base plate set (25x100cm). For other frames in different sizes, please follow the similar procedure to extend. Should you have any queries, please contact us at any time.

Before you install, please finish installing the base and protection layer first.

After installing the base, you should fill bottles with water until about 90% full. It’s better not to fill over this level, or it will be difficult to put in water-uptake strips.

(100% full is fine, only it may cause little inconvenience for putting the strips.)

(0) Remind: Before going further, please be sure the base is finished and laid flat as much as possible.


(1) Other material

  1. There are 8 strips. Four of them (110cm for small bottle; 125 cm for big bottle; for double-decker, two of them need to be 145cm or 160cm) are marked with black center line and red marks at both ends (26cm away from both ends for small bottle and 35cm for big bottle). 
    The other four strips for Frame25 are marked with center line only.
    (NOTE: The strips for 125cm/145cm/160cm are different from those for 110cm.)
  2. Three pieces of bottom layer. Rectangle one is 48.75cm in length and 24.375cm in width, or the bottom layer of Frame50 (50×50) being cut in half. Square one is 19.45cm in length/width, or the bottom layer of pot type. (provided in kit)
  3. Soil retainer fabric with 7.7cm in width and  21cm in length. One scroll of this 7.7cm width fabric will be provided, which needs to be cut in 21cm length by yourself.
  4. Major parts
    Frame25 side board: (3D printing version)
    Frame25 side board base:   (3D printing version)
    Frame50 side board: 
    Frame50 side board base: 
    Connection pole:
    Pole base:
    Fastner: (3D printing version)(optional part)
    Eight connection poles and eight pole bases
    Six Frame25 side boards and eight side board bases
    Two Frame50 side boards and two side board bases.
    On the upper side of side board, there is a round mark which has to face outside and has to be at the same side as the round mark on the side board base.

    The round mark on the side board base as shown below has to be at the same side as the one on the side board. The side board base has a hook to fasten the side board.
    The red marks in the photos below are to indicate the different heights, which is for the convenience of filling frame set with soil to the desired height.
  5. Thread, which will be used for Frame50 or wider/longer frame, is not provided in the kit.

(2) Start installing: connect two pole bases and one side board base.


(3) Put the assembled frame bottom on the previously installed base plate set. The round mark (indicated in white circle) on the side board base should face outside. The protrusion on the side board base bottom must connect with the groove of base plate to ensure its stability.

(4) Complete the base assembly. 

You may install the protection cover now or wait till the last step of installation. Please refer Frame25: protection cover installation.

(5) Install connection poles

(6) Put soil retainer fabric inside the side board and install fasteners. (The soil retainer is a optional part. Although at the beginning a little bit of soil may leak out, the condition will stop after the soil stick together becomes larger particles.)

(7) Install Frame25 side board (leave Frame50 side board for later installation) and hang water-uptake strip on the two hooks above. Insert both ends of strip to bottles through drainage holes. Repeat the same process for the second strip on the other side. 


(8) Put the square small bottom layer unto bottom.

(9) Next step is to install frame50. Before installation, insert four strips through rectangle bottom layer fabric as shown below. The two red marks on the strip have to be left above fabric to avoid over inserting.

Put rectangle bottom layer unto frame bottom.

Lift half of the layer and insert strips carefully through drainage holes to bottles. Red marks have to be remained above the layer. Repeat same steps for the other side.

Assemble Frame50 side boards then tie a thread to the round pore on one side of the side board. Let the thread under the strip to tie it on the other side, as shown below. 

(10) Add cultivation soil: hold the red center line on the strip and start pouring in soil from here until reach the desired height, about the  same as plant root. (may add more/higher If planting seeds.)

Cut off the thread after pouring enough soil to the desired height.

Filling with soil into Frame25 area to the desired height and then unhook the strips.

(11) Pour in soil again to the necessary height. If planting sprouts, leave holes in soil for them. If planting seeds, it is suggested to add enough water first then spread seeds evenly into the soil. It is not recommended to add water right after seed planting. 

(12) Double-decker  installation (demonstrated on a 1×4 base plate set, 25x100cm; need additional material such as side boards and connection poles)

1.Assemble pole base and side board base

2.After poles and side boards assembly, hang the water-uptake strip unto the hooks on Type 25 side board. (One on first deck on one side and the second strip on the second deck on the opposite side)

For Frame50, following the similar process mentioned above, hang the strips with length of 110cm/125cm (big bottle) on the first deck.

Then, following the same process, hang 145cm/160cm (big bottle) strips on the second deck.

NOTE: There are four strips (110cm one for small bottle and 125cm one for big bottle) to be put onto first deck. The other 4 strips (145cm one for small bottle and 160cm one for big bottle) are to be put onto the 2nd deck.

3. Follow the similar procedure, as that for assembling single deck, to pour soil. (For Frame50, hold strip and thread with one hand and pour soil with the other.)

4.For Frame50, when soil reach the higher strip (145cm/160cm [big bottle]) at the 2nd deck, hold the end of strip with one hand and add soil with the other.

5. Pour in soil until the desired height or the height of 8-10cm for the first deck. Cut off lower thread (Frame50) and loose the strips from hooks (Frame25) and spread strips evenly on the soil surface and keep adding soil until cover all the lower strips.

6. Keep pouring soil till the necessary height or the height of 23cm (first deck 15cm + second deck 8cm). Cut off thread on 2nd deck and loose strips from hook. Spread strips evenly.

7. Keep pouring in soil until the necessary height.

8. If double-decker is to be built on only part of the frame set, just install that portion. As shown below.

9. Put on protection layer. Please refer Frame: protection cover installation (with plastic button fastener).