Pot: Installation


Typical Installation Procedure
Before you install, please finish installing the base and protection layer first.

After installing the base, you should fill bottles with water until about 90% full. Please do not fill over this level, or it will be difficult to put in water-uptake stripes.

(full is also okay, although it may cause some little inconvenience for putting the strips.)

(1) Placement of Pots and Water-uptake Strips

Notice: The strip is a high-tech product and expensive, patented by a company. Please handle with care.

  1. Cut two strips, each with 110cm (for large bottles, need different strips and 125cm) in length. Put a mark at the center, as shown below.
    For easy to assemble, it is recommended that put strips directly into the base plate to which bottles already fastened.
  2. Put pot on base plate with the four holes (scuppers) of pot aligned with those of plate below.
  3. Look for a triangle or circle mark at the upper edge of pot, then hang the strip to two hangers which are at two upper corners of same side of pot. The center of strip should align with the triangle or circle mark. Pull tightly and then put each end of strip into bottle through each scupper at pot bottom.
  4. Hang second strip to the opposite side of pot, following the same procedure as previous one. 
  5. Put each end of strip into its corresponding scupper and then cover pot bottom with a bottom fabric.
  6. Choose the type of soil/substrate/media according to the species you are going to plant. We had grown vegetables, spices, herbs, etc. 
    Adding soil up to the height of 1-3cm below covering soil surface. For example, if you plan to add soil up to 12cm and put the strips 3cm below soil covering surface, then you should add soil up to the 9cm mark first and then loose the strips and cover them with soil up to the desired depth, 12cm. Do not let strips expose to sunlight or the water would vaporize faster.
    There are four strip marks outside of the pot which stand for 4~5, 6~7, 8~9, and 10~11cm, respectively, to let you know the depth of soil. After filling soil up to 9cm-high, loosen and evenly spread out strips, as shown below.
  7. Fill in covering soil to desired height, e.g. 12cm. (Notice: be sure to cover up all strips entirely)15556167_1251134284980052_1037213333_o

You may put more strips to bring more water up, up to six strips. However, we generally use only two strips.

(2) Seperation-Assembly (Ignore this process if you work directly on base plates)

Some plants, e.g. hot pepper, need seedling culture in other place first. After culture in pot, plants together with pot are then put back to base plate.

  1. Pot placement: pair work
    After culture, put pot back to base plate. This may need pair-work. One holds pot while the other pull strips into the holes on base plate. And then put the pot down vertically and slowly.
  2. Pot Placement: One-man Work
    (a) Find a tool
    If work alone, you may use a recycled can, jar or similar container (with wide upper surface) to raise up the pot.
    (b) Put the tool in the middle of base plate.
    (c) Put the pot on the top of the tool.
    (d) Pull four strips into the holes on base plate and bottles.
    (e) Remove the tool and put down the pot slowly onto base plate.
    Spread seeds into soil. Light-prefer seeds can be planted on the surface of soil and covered with a thin layer of soil. For bigger seeds at about same size as a rice grain, it is recommended to cover them with a thin layer of soil about 2-10 times thicker than the seed.

(3)Pot placement on base plate
Start from one (any one) corner. Put the pot precisely inside the surrounding ditch on the plate. After placing the first corner one, and then continually expand adjacent one by one gently.
Put pots on the protection layer.

 Set up scaffold/ pole

To set up a scaffold or insert a pole for climbing plants, please fill bottle with culture soil first. (Sand is not recommended, not proper for plant’s root to grow.)

Fold up the corner of the bottom layer to show up the hole to be inserted. No need to cut the bottom layer.

Mark on the pole, at the height from bottle bottom to the hole. Insert the pole (with diameter less than 20mm)  down to the bottle bottom. (Please note: pull out water-uptake strip before inserting the pole and put that strip into another hole) 

Follow the water-uptake strip installation procedure mentioned above, and fill the pot with soil to the desired height. Connect two or more poles and put a net, then the job is done.

Have fun & fun & fun… 🙂

After completing installation, you can now enjoy your own green garden as you wish. Your sharing is very welcome!

Small bottle can store water only enough for 10-14 days, about 600 ml. If there’s no rain for a long period, you may still need to add water.  Water the plants directly from above. There’s no need to remove pots. There are four leak holes at the pot bottom., allowing excess water or rain drain into bottles through the holes. 

If you are thinking about no or less watering, you may use big bottles, about 2-2.2L, which are more difficult to collect. But the water-uptake strip and protection layer have to be changed. Please contact us if you plan to use big bottles.