Protection Cover Installation for Pot type


Protection cover, a non-woven fabric, is used to surround and cover up the base. There are five purposes for adding it:

  1. To prevent algae from growing inside the bottles, which may slow down the capillary phenomenon for uptaking water from the bottles. (Only the bottles at outer circle, which may expose to sunlight, have such issue.)
  2. To protect the bottles at outer circle from exposing to UV and prevent bottles from embrittlement. The bottles at inner circle do not have such issue.
  3. To beautify bottle setting.
  4. To reduce the speed of evaporation.
  5. To prevent fallen leaves from entering the covered area.

If there is algae on the strip, please clean it up and the water uptaking ability can be restored. 

Due to the protection cover is designed as full cover, and thus some of the bottles at outer circle are better be transparent at lower part of bottle body (strip off the plastic sheet from outside the bottle if necessary). The purpose of it is to allow us easy to observe the water level in the bottle. 

Taking 2 x 4 base/pots as an example to illustrate how to install the protection cover. For other size, please refer this one or contact us.

Required materials

a. A piece of the protection cover at the size of perimeter plus 8 cm.

Do not pull it too hard or it will extend and become thinner, and its sun block ability will then reduce.

There’re two base pieces at short side, each base is 25x25cm, so its length is 50cm. There are two short sides with total length of 50×2=100cm.

There’re four base pieces at long side with length of 25×4=100 cm, two long sides with total length of 100×2=200cm 

Total perimeter is thus 100cm+200cm=300cm.

The length of the protection cover needs to be 300+8=308cm.

b. Ten sets of velcro loop/hood side, scissors, and stapler

Cut both velcro loop and hood sides into 2 cm long. The amount is determined as follows.

  • Four sides of the base needs [total perimeter divided by 50cm] set. For this example, it needs 300/50=6 sets. (6)
  • Four sets required to be attached to the top of each middle points of four sides. (4)
  • May need more velcro when any side length is over 100cm. For example, for a 2×8 base/pot set with 200cm side length will need one more velcro set for right and left side respectively.

The required amount of velcro is determined as follow.

  • 2×4 base/pot: 300/50+4=10 sets of velcro.
  • 4×4 base/pot: the perimeter is 400cm and it needs 12 sets of velcro (400/50+4=12)
  • 2×8 base/pot: the perimeter is 500cm. Since its long side is longer, in addition to the central one, the right/left end will need one more velcro set respectively.  500/50+4+4=18 sets of velcro.
  • 2×2 base/bot: the perimeter is 200cm and it needs 8 sets of velcro (200/50+4=8).


Make a long crease mark parallel to and 5cm down from the long edge of the protection cover.

Make a mark on both right/left sides and 5cm down from edge, as shown in the following photo.

Installation unto the base

Stick first velcro to the base side close to the long trough which is at about 8cm to  the corner of the base and is a starting point for placing the protection cover.

 (Notice: Velcro must be placed lower than the base.)

Pass the base corner and surround the base and at the distance of every two bases stick one velcro to the base edge. 

After going around the base and returning to the starting point, there will be an overlap. Staple the up and bottom of this overlap.

(This overlap may be blown apart by strong wind. It’s recommended to staple more to prevent it from falling off.)


Give a cut from the upper part of the protection cover down to the base at each of four corners.

之後在短邊中間上方黏上黏扣帶,位置以黏在基盤相接線旁較寬的,不要讓黏扣帶碰到基盤中間那個方框凹槽,以免影響之後要放置的盆件. Stick one piece of velcro to the mid point of the short side. The velcro should not touch the square groove inside the base, lest the pot cannot be properly placed.

Treat the long side in a similar way. If the side is too long, it’s better to stick one velcro for every 50cm. (For example, for a 2×8 set, stick three velcros at the long (200cm) side.)

Illustration of the velcro positions on the base edge for this case.

Illustration of the velcro positions at four middle upper portions of the protection cover.


Staple four corners.

(To be more sturdy, more staples are recommended.)

Photo of finished work. 

Now you can continue to place pots on the base, please see Pot: Installation.