Wooden Frame


After finish base installation (please refer Base: Installation), in addition to the kit we provideyou may DIY a wooden frame instead.

Lager wooden frame may more economic. If you plan to grow the plants with low-maintenance, dryness-endurance, and easy-grow plants, a wooden frame with size same as base plate set can be considered.

You may base on your preference to design a fashionable wooden frame. (Please refer [Decoration Arts])

每個基盤的尺寸為25cm x 25cm 且其上有四個落水孔,故製作時要考量此尺寸,一般以其倍數來決定要製作的尺寸,若是不規則形狀,則須注意儘可能不要蓋住任何落水孔。There’re four drainage holes on each 25cm x 25cm base plate. When making wooden frame please base on that size (or x times bigger). If frame shape is irregular, please be careful not to cover up the drainage holes. 

Example one: two wooden frames made by non-professional carpenters (principle inventor and students of DIYGreen).







Example two: a wooden frame made by amateur carpenter.